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AADHAR was registered as a Society in the year 1987 under the Societies Registration Act of 1886. It was formed to Interact with and NOT help the underprivileged, the primary stakeholders artisans, unorganised workers, women and youth. We believe in going to the people, learning from them, planning with them, starting with what they know, (and) building on what they have. 


In the year 2008 AADHAR was transformed into a Public Charitable and Educational Trust under the Indian Trusts Act of 1882, retaining, however, previous Members, Experience, Records and Operations.


In the year 2006 – 2007 AADHAR took up a challenging task of Enrolling 64000 Footwear Artisans of Agra to develop a database of Footwear Artisans with their Geographical and Skill Mapping. In a period of 11 months Photo ID Cards were issued to 60000 Footwear Artisans of Agra. This card bore not only the photo ID but also Geographical location and Skill – Specialisation – Experience of the Footwear Artisans. This Card was fondly called AADHAR CARD since it was issued to the Footwear Artisans by AADHAR, a Society then. This statement is for records and to assert that we are the precursors as we came into existence in 1987 and not followers of the popular brand.




  • To inculcate, develop and impart Changing Skills in Demand.

  • To Enhance Skill levels and earning potential of stakeholders 

  • To Simplify Skills Learning and Training and promote safety, health, hygiene and well being

  • To Enhance professional profile and status of Artisans, Artists, Peasants and Professionals and Promote Skills Worldwide

  • To cater to the training and management needs of the Bottom of the Pyramid 




  • Professional Computer Aided Services (PCAD)


This is popularly known as the Poorman’s CAD – P CAD. Through P CAD - Centre for Professional and Computer Aided Services Aadhar introduced and established Computer Aided Shoe Pattern Grading in 1996 for Shoe Artisans / small footwear manufacturers of Agra. Equipment was provided under the National Leather Development Programme – NLDP (UNIDO assisted) of the Government of India.


  • Centre For Artisans, Artists, Peasants, Professionals (C A P)


It is a SKILL NETWORK of Artisans, Artists, Peasants, Professionals.


  • Centre For Skills Assessment Testing Certification (SACC)


This is dedicated for Skill Assessment of Artisans and Skilled Workers.


  • Aadhar Counsellors And Consultants – (ACC)


Social   -   Legal   -   Management   -   Research Consultants




CSR & Sustainability


Law & Management

CSR Due Diligence



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ACCESS - Advise Consultation Counsel For Catalytic Engagements Sustainability & Synergism


AADHAR  Counsellors & Consultants







Concurrent Evaluation / Monitoring / 

Impact Assessment


Medico – Legal Cases

Diagnostic Studies / Survey / Need Assessment


Whetting of Documents






Research - Survey

Impact Evaluation

Monitoring & Evaluation

Rural Employment & Social Affairs

Organisational Development

Small Enterprise Management & Benchmarking

Training / Education

Strategic Planning & Implementation

Data Analysis

Report Writing

Certification of Acquired Skills - Artisans


Services Offered 



Monitoring and Impact Evaluation

Socio – Economic Surveys

Social Audit

Certification of Artisans

Consultancy – SMEs, Social Responsibility

EDP for Home Based Manufacturers

Strategic Planning & Implementation




Projects/ Programmes/ Database Management

Skill Network – Online programme for Skill Registry and Aadhar TRICARD – Enrollment, ID and Occupational Classification. 

It is a Skilled Manpower Information Initiative for Linkage to Employment (SMILE)


Implementation of Umbrella Project for Agra Footwear Sector for Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI), Chennai and Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of MSME for Agra Footwear Sector December 2005 – June 30, 2007.

Enrollment of 64000 footwear artisans of Agra through Programme Popularisation, Participatory Meets and Traditional Popular Culture (Theatre and Songs etc) and Database Management. 

Geographical and Skill Mapping of 60000 Footwear Artisans and their subsequent Training Need Assessment.

Development of Front End Software for Generation and Printing of Photo ID Cards

Generation, Printing and distribution of Photo ID Cards with Geographical and Skill Indication of the holder.

This ID Card was fondly called AADHAR CARD.

Umbrella ID F1.jpg

Umbrella ID.jpg

Year 2006 – Card No 61137

Year 2005 – Card No 252

Umbrella ID B1.jpg

Identification, Selection and Training of 210 Trainers and 60 Social Mobilisers.

Study of Product and Process (Footwear) and Documentation of Gaps for improvement.

Observation of 40,180 artisans to assess and document gaps in their method of working and to suggest need based Training Programmes.

200 Participatory Meets; 400 Road Shows; 600 Meetings with Stakeholders in 79 Wards (out of 90), 9 Blocks (out of 15) and 1 Census Town all with concentration of Footwear Artisans. This was with the aim to prioritise problems and needs, assess gaps and to forge a Competition Strategy.

Preparation of Dramas, Skits and Songs in local dialect using Traditional Popular Culture Themes for mobilization and enrollment of artisans and forging of Competition Strategy.

Preparation of Banners, Slogans, Stencils (Wall Writing), Slide Shows (Power Point) and Hand Outs for programme popularization.

Analysis of Data and Report for Vision Document for Footwear Industry of Agra.


Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Health Association


Urban Basic Services for the Poor (UBSP) Programme, UNICEF in 16 slums of Agra, 1992 – 1996.

Rural Action for Development and Health Avenues – RADHA Project with UP Voluntary Health Association, Lucknow in 5 villages of Block Akola, Agra, 1994-96.

WTO / Globalisation 


Strategies and Preparedness Of SMEs For Trade and Globalisation in India of SME Component for Leather & Footwear supported by UNCTAD and funded by Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India and DFID (UK). Tier – II Partner of Federation of Indian Micro and Small& Medium Enterprises (FISME) for Pro – Poor Initiatives in the Project.

Training / Testing / Certification

Development of Qualification Framework to certify the Acquired Skills of Footwear Artisans. This is a niche area we are working in and hope to start the Certification of Workers with the local Associations.

Conducting TEST – Test of Employability Skills and Traits for Artisans from the Informal Sector

Skill Assessment and Certification of Footwear Artisans 


Training of Footwear Designers in Basic Computer Appreciation & INTERNET under “Project VIKAS”, Agra Footwear Sector for Competitiveness through ICT Initiatives. This is funded by MICROSOFT® and implemented by National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (NMCC) and Apex Cluster Development Services Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. 2007.

MICROSOFT® donated Computers, Operating System and MS Office 2007 Professional to Aadhar for this Centre. 

Training in NGO Management.

Entrepreneurship Development.

Training in PRA and Social Survey Techniques.

Training in Management of Social Development Projects.

Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi

TOTAL – Tips of Trade & Leatherworking a Training Programme for Footwear Artisans in Modern Footwear Designing and Manufacturing, 1993 – Ongoing

So far 800 persons have been trained in Footwear Designing & Management.

Training of Employed Personnel in Modern Management Techniques and Computer Operations, 1992 – 1993.

Training of Youths in Hardware Maintenance, 1998 - 99.

Reports – Children – Child Labour


Comparative Study of Footwear Clusters in Abhuapura and Kaulakha, Agra. 2006-07

Child Labour in Footwear Sector for establishment of Schools in Community. 2006-07

Need Assessment Study for establishment of CHILDLINE – HELP LINE 1098 for Children at Agra. 2005.

Report on the Status of Child Labour in Hazardous Occupations and Street Children of Firozabad District for the local Labour Office and NGO in Firozabad. This report was for the ILO – IPEC (IASP) Project. 2001-02.

Monitoring and Evaluation


Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Mobilsers and Trainers for Implementation of “Umbrella Project”. 2006-07

Monitoring of CHILDLINE – HELP LINE 1098 till February 2007.

Concurrent Evaluation” of the Total Literacy Campaign (TLC), Unnao District UP for the Zila Saksharta Samiti, Unnao, Dept. of Adult Education, UP & National Literacy Mission UP, 1998 –99.

ICT – Footwear Sector / Software Development

EASEE CAD - Indigenous Software for Shoe Pattern Grading and Pattern Area Calculation. 

EASEE MIS - Indigenous Software for Planning and MIS.


National Leather Deveopment Programme (NLDP) UNDP assisted & UNIDO Initiative

Introduced and Established Computer Aided Shoe Pattern Grading for Shoe Artisans in 1996 through subsidiary PCAD – Centre for Professional and Computer Aided Services


Low Cost Technology Development


Development of Leather Pressing and Leather Glazing Machines for Rural Tanning Units.

Development of Designer’s Knife and Shoe Last Measuring Comb.


Social Consultancy – Social Responsibility and Social Justice

Management and Legal Consultancy


Consultancy Clinic for SMEs in Footwear. 

Consultancy to the home based footwear artisan manufacturers for shoe designing, pattern grading and pattern engineering. (Ongoing since 1992)

Consultancy to M/S Texperior UK Ltd. for the procurement of footwear (children) for Hush Puppies UK Ltd. 1999-2002.

Social Audits


Factory audit and assessment (footwear) vis – a – vis ethical business practices for overseas buyers.

Popularisation – Traditional Popular Culture

Traditional Art forms of Nutanki, Kahayal, Rasia, Bhagat, Languria, Street Theatre were used in

Campaign against Addiction and Alcoholism in slums during UBSP Programme – UNICEF.  

AIDS Awareness Programmes.

Campaign against Lottery.

Popularisation of Umbrells Project for Enrollment of Artisans.

Organisation of Khayalgoi, a Traditional Art form.

Study of Management in Traditional Popular Culture and Management of Traditional Popular Culture of Agra.

Survey / Workshops / Seminars / Publications


Surveys Conducted

  • Geographical and Skill Mapping of 64000 Footwear Artisans of Agra. 2006-07

  • Techno – economic survey of Home Based Shoe Artisans of Village Dhanoli, Agra, UNDP, 1995.

  • Pilot Study of the Scheduled Castes. Special Component Plan, DST, New Delhi. 1993-94

  • Techno economic survey of Agra District to Identify the areas of need to improve the tools and techniques for efficient production of goods by lower caste / class people; DST, 1989 – 91.

  • Socio – economic study of 2000 families in 3 slums of Agra under UBSP programme, UNICEF, 1994.


Surveys as Local Coordinator

  • Status and Problems of workers in leather industry, Institute of Applied Manpower Research, New Delhi, 1994.

  • Coordination between organised and unorganized leather sector, CLRI, 2000.

  • 5 Studies on Agra Shoe Industry under the Indo Dutch Programme for Alternatives in Development (IDPAD) and Centre for Development Planning, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Seminars and Workshops Organised

16 National Conferences of Indian Social Science Association (ISSA).

Statistical Quality Control in Footwear, June 2007.

Globalisation, State, Civil Society and The Poor People, September 16 – 19, 2006.

Interface between Scientists, Social Scientists, Technologists and Creative Artists on Science, Technology for Social Development, March 1997.

Distressed Children, Min. of Welfare, January 1996.

Scheduled Castes: Problems and Prospects, Min. of Welfare, September 1995.

Environment Now 2000, UNICEF, December 1994.

AIDS Awareness / STD/ T.B., UPVHA, December 1994 & 1994.

Science, Technology and Society: Quality of Life, DST, November 1992.

Rights of Child, UNICEF, September 1990.

Project Formulation Workshop, DST, February 1989.



  • Science, Technology and Quality of Life, 1995, ISBN-81-85070-31-1.

  • Science, Technology and Rural Development, 1993, ISBN-81-85070-27-X.

  • Science and Technology: Future Perspectives, 1991.


Editorial Assistance

Social Panorama (Festschrift of Professor Rajeshwar Prasad), 1998, ISBN-81-85070-50-4

Others (About Aadhar Society)

TIER – II Partner Federation of Indian Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises (FISME) for UNCTAD – DFID (UK) Project: Strategies and Preparedness of SMEs for Trade and Globalisation in India of SME Component for Leather & Footwear.

Common Training and Learning Centre (CTLC) under Project Vikas funded by MICROSOFT® .

Accredited Voluntary Institute (AVI) – 710121 of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) for Footwear Design and Manufacture Course.

Former Nodal Agency for CHILDLINE – HELP LINE 1098, Agra.

Nodal Agency for Computer Aided Shoe Pattern Grading for National Leather Development Programme, UNDP Assisted.

Nodal Agency for UNICEF’s Urban Basic Services for the Poor (UBSP) Programme 1993–97.

Nodal Agency for RADHA Project at Agra from 1993 – 1997.


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